Mt Anville Primary School

Website and school photography

Mount Anville Primary School is a large girls’ primary school situated in Stillorgan, Co. Dublin. It was founded in 1866. When my first daughter joined the school in 2009 they asked me to design a colourful website that would appeal to both pupils and parents. In 2017 I designed their latest website using the trending style of full width photography. I also update it weekly using the installed CMS (Content Management System).

I used large imagery of the girls and their activities within the school. I wanted the happiness of the girls in each of the photographs to be the main selling point for the school. Throughout the site I used a simple colour palette based on the navy of the school uniform and chose a few bright colours to compliment this.

I created some education themed icons to use on the site as well as for some printed material, including their annual end of school yearbook, seen below.