Logo, Website and App

Paydia is the next generation of cashless payment technology from CORE Cashless LLC, for Amusement & Recreation venues. Based in Kansas in the US, Core Cashless create high level hardware and software solutions which allow their clients to use cards and wristband readers to for venue entry, payments for services at entertainment venues and electronic wallet and payment systems for the cruise-line industry.

The project involved the creation of a new visual identity. I designed their logo and stationary, a brochure to announce their new product range, a park payment app for IOS and Android and their website.

The logo reflects wireless, cashless payments by using imagery representing spreading WiFi radio waves. Many fun parks use their own ‘currency’ to represent value and the round piece ‘cut out’ of the waves represents the virtual ‘coinage’ and computer ‘bits’ used by the system. All of this radiates from the ‘P’ of Paydia.

Paydia card readers currently handle thousands of cashless transactions every day at some of the planet’s largest Entertainment Centers, Attractions, Cruise Ships, and Theme Parks. The screenshots above are from a new, branded park app which will allow the collection of virtual tickets from multiple parks and venues to be consumed by a mobile phone and used at the venue to pay for goods and services.