Sion Hill

Website design and build and photography

Dominican College Sion Hill is a voluntary secondary school for girls.  Established in 1836, and based in Blackrock Co Dublin, Sion Hill is one of the oldest girls’ secondary schools in Ireland. However their approach to education is far from old, based on the Dominican ideal of developing the whole person means they are one of the most sought after schools in the country and produce exceptionally high leaving cert grades each year.

When it came to designing their new website it was very important to show how progressive and unique a school Sion Hill is. This was done by showing the diversity of the school population and showing them in different scenarios throughout their school day. For this project I undertook the photography myself and moved through the school, meeting with and chatting to teachers and pupils to try and capture them as I found them, whether on the playing pitches, in conversation in the corridors as they rushed from class to class or playing an instrument in the music room. It was easy to show the girls at their best as they genuinely enjoyed their school day.

The school really wanted to show the exceptional comments from the Department of Education’s ‘Whole School Evaluation’ programme, so I created a ‘slide show’ of the very complimentary quotes. The quotes fade in over the home page main banner and they help to reinforce the ethos of the school.