Website design and build

Typecraft is long established with over 39 years of experience within the printing sector. They have built a reputation for delivering quality print solutions, with a fast turnaround. As well as showing their vast selection of printing services through a new website, it was important for Typecraft to illustrate that they were also a family run business with a personal touch.

The fully responsive website has a high usage of photography to showcase the people behind the service. It was obvious that the people who worked there enjoyed their work and had fun and respect for each other. The photography helps to illustrate that when you work with Typecraft, you work with people who understand the business they are in and who care about you and your business.

We also focused on the machinery of the business. These huge, clattering machines which have to be ‘fed’ and looked after by highly qualified professionals almost have a life of their own, adding to the dynamic of this busy company. While it was important to show the breath of work the company does, we also wanted to show the ‘how’ and the ‘why’ of the work which goes on behind the scenes. Most people who use a printing company get to see their front desk but never experience the amazing industry going on behind the scenes. Typecraft wanted to show that their business was more than handing over a job and receiving the final product, they wanted to bring the work to life for their clients.

The site works just as well on mobile phones and was designed from the outset to be responsive on different devices such as mobile phones and tablets.


“Ona is very friendly to work with, helpful and her work is of excellent quality. I have worked with Ona on numerous small projects along with designing our website. Always professional and approachable with new ideas. Deadlines always met and a great level of communication”. 

Manager, Typecraft Ltd